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Goodman legislation to strengthen DUI laws, protect vulnerable adults pass House

OLYMPIA – Strengthening our DUI laws has been a major focus of the House Public Safety Committee Chair, Rep. Roger Goodman (D—Kirkland), who has been nationally recognized by groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. This year he has sponsored further legislation to improve Washington’s DUI laws.

Rep. Goodman’s DUI bill, HB 2700, will change how law enforcement and the courts respond to DUI cases. The most important provisions of the bill include much stricter Ignition Interlock requirements; strengthening the felony DUI law; and more rapid license suspensions after DUI arrests.

“This year’s legislation closes loopholes we’ve discovered in our DUI laws,” said Goodman. “We take DUI offenses very seriously so we’re staying vigilant to fix deficiencies in these laws to keep our families safe.”

In addition to his work on drunk driving, Goodman is forwarding a priority bill for AARP and for older and vulnerable adults. His legislation, HB 1499, would increase penalties and the severity of crimes against vulnerable adults, including criminal mistreatment and theft.

“I’m pleased to see this vulnerable adult bill pass the House with so many of my colleagues joining in support. We’ll be working on this bill in the Senate now to make sure our vulnerable adults are getting the basic necessities of life from the people entrusted with their care and that anyone who would abuse a vulnerable adult is held accountable,” said Goodman.

Both of Goodman’s bills passed the State House last week with strong bipartisan support and will receive public hearings this week in the State Senate.

Click below for an audio clip from Rep. Goodman on his DUI legislation.

Rep. Goodman filmed a short video on these two laws which you can view below: