Washington State House Democrats


House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan’s response to Sen. Litzow’s “uneducated” budget claim

“Once again Sen. Steve Litzow shows us he doesn’t understand the state’s budget process or K-12 education funding. Any effort to politicize this important issue by making uneducated claims is counterproductive and a disservice to the people of Washington.

“The money Sen. Litzow refers to is assumed in this budget. It is not included in the four-year budget ‘Outlook’ because it is exempt from being reported there by statute.

“It is an accounting practice approved by the Legislature and Sen. Litzow, who voted to approve the budget outlook assumption process. If the senator prefers to change this accounting practice, perhaps the Senate should account for the $3 to $4 billion needed to fully fund education in their four-year budget outlook.

“For the record, the House Democratic budget does not cut K-12 education funding. In fact, it adds to a number of programs that are necessary to help the state meet its obligation to fully fund education for our state’s one million students. Since 2013, led by House Democrats, the Legislature has invested $4.2 billion in this effort.”