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Pellicciotti’s bill to shine light on special interest “dark money” passes committee

OLYMPIA – Rep. Mike Pellicciotti introduced DISCLOSE Act legislation to the House of Representatives that will shine the light on “dark money,” making politics more transparent and accountable to voters.  On Tuesday, his bill, HB 1807, passed the State Government Committee.

“Democracies flourish when voters can see the whole the picture,” said Pellicciotti. “Right now we have political actors moving money between organizations in a way that hides their activities. I have heard from constituents who want to know who is funding elections, and this bill will shine that light on the activities of these special interests.”

The DISCLOSE Act would require associations that give money to state and local political campaigns to disclose the source of that money. This bill brings clarity in public disclosure reports for these organizations and allows for public scrutiny into their activities.