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Rep. Drew Hansen receives City Champion Award.

OLYMPIA – Rep. Drew Hansen (D-Bainbridge Island) has been named by the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) as a recipient of their City Champion award.

The AWC City Champion Awards acknowledges the “hard work of legislators who championed critical city priorities during the 2016 legislative session.”

“I’m grateful that the cities in Washington recognized my work with my Republican counterparts on protecting privacy,” Hansen said. “This shows that, in Washington state at least, we can still work together in a bipartisan, pragmatic way.”

Hansen was recognized specifically for his work dealing with law enforcement body cameras.  Hansen has been working with community groups, law enforcement, the media, municipal governments and others to ensure that body cameras are used in a way that protects privacy.

AWC is an advocacy organization that works year around to ensure the needs of Washington’s cities and towns are tended to by state lawmakers.