Washington State House Democrats


Legislative Update: What I’ve supported so far

Friends and neighbors –

Two weeks ago we reached the deadline to pass new bills in the House of Representatives. The bills lucky enough to make it through the House are now in the Senate. Here’s an update on some bills I have supported.

Protecting Seniors

I have been working to make property taxes more fair for seniors and introduced a bill to better address Sound Transit 3 car valuations (HB 2147). I have co-sponsored bills that: combat against vulnerable person abuse (HB 1153), require 18 months’ notice before real estate developers can close manufactured housing communities (HB 1514), improve staffing practices at hospitals (HB 1714), and improve prescription drug cost transparency (2SHB 1521).

Supporting Working Families

I voted for reasonable accommodations in the workplace for pregnant women (HB 1796), voted to extend childcare eligibility for families (HB 1642), co-sponsored the Equal Pay Act (HB 1506), and voted for a bill to make sure workers get the back pay they deserve (HB 1672).

Improving Public Safety

As a former prosecutor, I know the dangers our families face. That’s why I pursued a public safety agenda, where I co-sponsored bills to combat domestic violence (HB 1163), introduced and passed a bill to update laws on sex trafficking (HB 1078), proposed a probation pilot program for motor vehicle-related felonies in Federal Way (HB 1976), introduced and passed legislation to increase research on ways to combat child exploitation (HB 1832), and co-sponsored legislation to protect our families from repeat DUI offenders (HB 1614).

Fully Funding Education

My first vote on the floor of the House of Representatives was to pass the “levy cliff” bill (1059), which guarantees schools don’t get their budgets cut while the Legislature works on fully funding education. After 45 days, the Senate finally agreed to pass the legislation, and the Governor signed it last week. The tough work of finding a compromise to a permanent funding solution for our schools is still ahead of us, but this was an important step to keeping our promise to our kids.

On top of K-12 education, I introduced and passed a bill that would expand vocational training (HB 1566) for many in our communities, voted for legislation that would help make college materials affordable for all (HB 1561), supported a bill to provide transparency in textbook costs (HB 1375), and supported another that helps protect people from unfair student loan practices (HB 1169).

Holding Powerful Interests Accountable

Today I testified to the Senate State Government Committee on the bill I introduced to remove special interest “dark money” from politics. The bill (HB 1807) has already passed the House of Representatives. It follows the bills I introduced to close the lobbying revolving door (HB 1159) and to combat corporate crime (HB 1806).