Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Christine Kilduff votes for budget that invests in families, schools and public safety

OLYMPIA – Focusing on the paramount duty of fully funding K-12 education, Rep. Christine Kilduff (D—University Place) voted along with the House to pass a budget that invests in early learning, K-12 education, and mental health services across the state.

“With two daughters in public schools, I am proud to have voted for a plan that satisfies our constitutional and moral duty to ensure that every child in our state has the opportunity to get an outstanding education,” stated Kilduff. “I’m glad we also had the opportunity to freeze the cost of college tuition and increase our commitment to financial aid for our students to lessen the crushing burden of student debt.”

In addition, while debating amendments, Kilduff voted with Republicans to support increased funding for sexual assault prevention education programs. Also funded in the budget were IT upgrades and staff for the Department of Corrections, six new additional Basic Law Enforcement Academy classes, and IT upgrades for the state court system.

“A democracy only functions when the judicial system can thrive. We can’t starve sections of government and expect it to work well. I’m proud to support a funded, functional court and corrections system and believe that these upgrades will help keep our communities safe,” said Kilduff.

The budget passed 50-48 and will be negotiated with the Senate.