Washington State House Democrats


House Capital Budget provides funding for Seattle area arts and education facilities

OLYMPIA – The House Democrats released their capital budget proposal yesterday. This budget funds local community projects such as school construction and facilities for the arts – enhancing the quality of life in Seattle and throughout the state

“Arts and educational opportunities are vital to our district and the greater Seattle community,” said Rep. Noel Frame (D-36, Greenwood). “This budget provides the capital investments needed to help renovate schools and increase access to the arts in our local neighborhoods.”

Key projects in the 36th district funded in the capital budget include:

  • $1.99 million for The Seattle Opera at the Center, a space where students and visitors can view technical and artistic trades and participate in hands-on workshops;
  • $258,000 for the Seattle Repertory Theatre for renovations to the PONCHO forum, which hosts audience engagement programs and youth arts education workshops, and serves as the rehearsal hall for mainstage productions;
  • $400,000 for the Seattle Aquarium to update existing facilities and add the Ocean Pavilion to better serve visitors;
  • $167,000 for the Millionair Club Charity Kitchen, which doubles as a job-training program;
  • $15 million from the Distressed Schools Fund to renovate three elementary schools in Seattle; and
  • $16.6 million from the School Construction Assistance Program for renovation or construction of elementary and high schools in the Seattle School District.

“Many thanks to all the people who have worked so hard to build strong communities, create jobs, and offer diverse cultural experiences,” said Representative Gael Tarleton (D-36, Ballard). “With these projects, we invest in our neighborhoods, our most vulnerable people, and cultural programs that will contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. These ideas come directly from our constituents because they know best what will make the most difference where they live, work, and play.”

The proposal was heard this morning in the Capital Budget Committee and is scheduled to be voted out of committee on April 7.