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Rep. Ortiz-Selfs’ Legislative Update: House Capital Budget


The House Capital Budget (HB 1075), which was released yesterday, invests more than $1 billion into building schools throughout the state, which, among other things, will help reduce class sizes.

This budget will put people to work everywhere building local schools for our 1.1 million students.

  • $15.5 million to build Early Learning facilities
  • $30 million for rural and distressed K-12 schools
  • $800 million for state colleges and universities, with $433 million for community and technical colleges
  • $15 million for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) grants at K-12 schools

The state construction budget maximizes value for taxpayers by leveraging as much local and federal funding as possible for each project.

In cooperation with new investments in the House Operating Budget (HB 1067), the construction proposal would put $165 million toward fixing the state’s mental health crisis. That funding includes:

  • $76 million for Community Behavioral Health capacity
  • $58 million for construction and renovation at state facilities
  • $24m for supportive housing for the chronically mentally ill

Finally, the budget puts serious funding toward housing, clean energy, arts and dental care:

  • $105m for Housing
  • $65m for Clean Energy, Solar, and Energy Efficiency
  • $49m for Arts, Building Communities, and Youth Recreation programs
  • $14m for Dental capacity and residency

The two-year construction budget keeps $105 million in reserve for a supplemental capital budget in 2018.

Some projects to highlight, which are within our district or in the area, include (dollar amounts shown in thousands):

  • $37,757 for Edmonds Community College: Science, Engineering, Technology Building – It will support programs such as allied health, engineering, materials science, mathematics and natural sciences, construction management, occupational safety and health technician, and construction trades programs. It will also provide space for the Information Technology department, multi-use classroom space, and faculty office space.
  • $504 for Japanese Gulch Creek Restoration Project – Phase 1 of the Mukilteo Redevelopment project, which will include creating a portion of the pedestrian promenade and restoring Japanese Gulch Creek with near shore restoration.
  • $2,750 for Edmonds Waterfront Center & Waterfront Development
  • $391 for Frances Anderson Center Roofing Project
  • $257 for Mukilteo Tank Farm Remediation

The House Capital Budget invests over $40 million in construction projects in Snohomish County, and an additional $65 million in projects throughout northern Puget Sound.  This interactive map includes information on the full list of projects.

I am honored to serve the 21st Legislative District. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please call my office.

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