Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Gael Tarleton lauds passage of internet privacy protection measure

The House passed SHB 2200 in an 87 to 10 vote today, April 19th. SHB 2200 is Washington’s bipartisan response to the decision made by Congress to permit cable and other internet providers to sell personal data without consumer permission. Washington is one of the few states with a statutory obligation to uphold consumer protection laws, and the recent congressional action casts doubt on how the industry will be regulated.

“Washington must continue to protect the privacy of its residents and consumers across the state,” said Representative Gael Tarleton. “HB 2200 creates an opt-in approval system for providers of broadband internet access services. During these unpredictable times, this legislation is vital to protect public interest and consumer rights. This bill needs to reach the Governor’s desk.”

The bill was co-sponsored by Tarleton and 74 Democratic and Republican house members and now moves to the Senate.