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Local communities lose projects and jobs if Senate refuses to negotiate Capital Budget

The state operating budget might be saved, but local projects will see delays if Senate Republicans continue to refuse to negotiate a Capital Budget.

The House proposed construction projects throughout the state totaling $4.15 billion to build new schools, invest in clean drinking water, salmon recovery programs, expanding and upgrading mental health facilities, and investing in housing programs. Unfortunately, without an agreement from the Senate, projects will not receive funding in the upcoming biennium.

Communities in our district will lose funding for important projects, including:

  • $37.8 million for the Edmonds Community College: Science, Engineering, Technology Building
  • $504,000 for the Japanese Gulch Creek Restoration Project
  • $2.75 million for the Edmonds Waterfront Center & Waterfront Development
  • $391,000 for the Frances Anderson Center Roofing Project
  • $257,000 for the Mukilteo Tank Farm Remediation

Washington needs to address the needs of our communities. As our population grows, so do our infrastructure needs. Schools need to be built, environmental impacts need to be mitigated, and investments need to be fulfilled.

construction in Washington

The state has an obligation to move these construction projects forward, but unless the Senate starts negotiations we’ll be stuck in the mud.

Delay or failure to act on the Capital Budget affects everyone, such as:

  • Classrooms for 1.1 million school kids, who will be crowded into portables if we don’t have this funding to build new schools.
  • Early learning and child care facilities filled to capacity.
  • Lab space and classrooms in state colleges and universities will be too full, keeping out students who wish to pursue high-demand fields.
  • Families in desperate need of affordable housing could remain or be at risk of homelessness.
  • Investments and advancements in clean energy, solar, and energy efficiency will be delayed or even lost to other states.

The House Capital Budget creates over 75,000 jobs in construction, engineering, natural resource rehabilitation, and related fields.

I’m calling on my Senate colleagues to end this standoff and move forward on the Capital Budget, just like we were able to do with the Operating Budget.



Rep. Strom Peterson