Washington State House Democrats


38th Legislative District Newsletter

Friends and neighbors,

During the 2017 legislative session, we successfully advocated for policies and a budget that makes children and families a priority. While it wasn’t everything we wanted, we are proud of the major accomplishments, including passing the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act and significantly increasing education funding, which puts us on a path to giving every student an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.

Even though we made a historic investment in K-12, and we were able to do so without accepting some of the more draconian cuts that Senate Republicans proposed to programs that help our communities, our work is not done. Like so many big issues that our state faces, solutions are an ongoing process.

Our budget still falls short on meeting all of the demands of the state and we need to keep working on finding sustainable, fair revenue to support our state. And, because the Senate Republicans blocked passage of a Capital Budget, there are many questions that need to be resolved around how to achieve class-size reductions when no new classrooms are being built…

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