Washington State House Democrats


House unanimously passes bill prohibiting state agencies from aiding in the creation of a federal religious registry.

Olympia – A civil-rights bill sponsored by Representative Derek Stanford (D-Bothell) unanimously passed the House. HB 2097 is bipartisan legislation, which restricts state agencies from sharing personal religious affiliation information with federal authorities. Washington state agencies will be forbidden from aiding in the creation of a federal religious registry.

“It is unfortunate that a culture of religious intolerance is brewing in the United States. We will not be silent while whole communities are scapegoated due to their religious affiliation,” said Rep. Stanford. “The freedom to practice one’s religion in their own way is an American right, one of our most closely cherished values, and we will work to defend it. This measure would prevent our state from taking part in a federal religious registry.”

Employers will not be allowed to require an employee to disclose information regarding their religious affiliation. The measure exempts from disclosure, public records that contain personally identifying information about a person’s religious affiliation.

HB 2097 now moves to the Senate for consideration.