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Kilduff files new bill to take on sexual predators in Pierce County

OLYMPIA – For too long, Pierce County has carried an unfair burden of sexually violent predators remaining in the area after leaving the treatment center on McNeil Island. Local communities have expressed concerns over allowing an overabundance of predators to enter less-restrictive treatment centers. Due to that concern, State Representative Christine Kilduff, D-University Place, has introduced new legislation to help keep local families safe.

Kilduff’s bill, HB 2579, provides more information about where offenders are released, stronger documentation on why the offenders originating county is inappropriate, and empowers prosecutors to intervene with proposed releases. In addition, a new grant program will invest in underserved counties with less-restrictive treatment options.

“Violent sexual offenders have resided in Pierce County at higher rates than other counties due to the amount of treatment centers available here,” said Kilduff. “It’s clear we need to take a more thorough approach to make sure Pierce County residents aren’t being put at higher risk by having more offenders in their local communities.”