Washington State House Democrats


Working together during the 2018 legislative session

Starting off the 2018 legislative session

washington state capitol building, dome, legislative building, olympiaAs the 2018 legislative session gets underway, I am thinking a lot about how we are One Washington and how powerful it can be to bring together people from across the state for a common purpose. In the Legislature we try to look out for communities across the state and ensure that everyone has a fair chance at the American Dream.

Working together, we have accomplished so much in the last few years, including fully funding basic education, expanding and improving early learning, building the Apple Health program to expand health care, and passing paid family leave. These were monumental accomplishments. And we’re not done.

Now that Democrats are in the majority in the Senate, I am excited about the prospects that we will be able to pass some of the important pieces of legislation that were stalled when the Republicans controlled the Senate. But I know that passing legislation always requires compromise and we should continue to work with our Republican colleagues. If we work together and focus on people first, we can accomplish a lot. Some of the things I am excited to focus on this year include:

  • Legislation to ensure equal pay for women,
  • Increasing access to democracy including passing the Washington Voting Rights act,
  • A capital budget for school construction and infrastructure,
  • Improvements to our mental health care system,
  • Care and treatment for people fighting opioid drug addiction,
  • Expanded opportunities for education beyond high school, including more apprenticeships, certificates, and degrees,
  • Accountability in government and transparency in campaign contributions,

This is an ambitious list and there’s a lot to do in a 60-day session. I’m ready to get to work.

Calling all 14-16 year olds – come be a page in Olympia

Every year students from around the state come to Olympia during the legislative session to serve as pages. Being a page is a great opportunity to participate in the legislative process and learn more about our state government.

You can find out more information about the page program and the application process by visiting the page website. If you have any questions or want to apply, please contact my office.

While all 14-16 year olds are eligible for the page program, many students in the past have been unable to take part in this unique program due to financial restraints. I am pleased to say that there is now a scholarship available to help offset the costs of living in Olympia for the week. You can learn more about the origins of the scholarship and how to apply here.