Washington State House Democrats


1st Legislative District lawmakers laud passage of capital budget

OlympiaRep. Shelley Kloba (D-Kirkland) and Rep. Derek Stanford (D- Bothell) hailed the much delayed passage of the state’s construction budget today in Olympia.

“I was proud of my House colleagues last session when we passed the capital budget, but dismayed that the Senate could not find a way to do so in their chamber, thus delaying so many crucial projects in our communities,” said Rep. Kloba. “I am so glad we finally came together to get this done and can put people to work building infrastructure.”

The capital budget pays for buying, constructing and repairing infrastructure projects including schools, parks, community centers, clean air and water systems, corrections facilities, hospitals, clinics, housing and higher education facilities, among others.

The 1st Legislative District will see over $27 million in funds spent on local construction projects.

“I am frustrated that this process has taken so long. We should have finished this last year,” said Rep. Stanford. “That being said, we can now build more schools, upgrade our parks, and move our economy forward.”

Projects for the 1st Legislative District include:

Department of Commerce:
Bothell Parks  $309,000
Brier ADA Ramp Update  $115,000
Wayne Golf Course Regional Park:  $1,000,000

University of Washington:
UW Bothell  $3,000,000

Washington Pollution Liability Insurance Program:
Leaking Tank Model Remedies – Filbert Drive Site (Bothell)  $100,000

Recreation and Conservation Funding Board:
2017-19 WWRP Grants – North Creek Regional Trail  $1,000,000

Community & Technical College System:
Repairs, Maintenance, and Minor Works at Cascadia College  $832,000

Public Schools:
Mountlake Terrace Elementary  $4,585,000
Juanita High School Addition  $6,282,000
Juanita High School Building Replacement  $9,411,000

Total 1st Legislative District  $27,466,000

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