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Legislature approves millions for construction projects in Clark County

OLYMPIA—Last night, just minutes after receiving the bill unanimously passed by the Senate, the House of Representatives passed the $4.18 billion-investment capital budget on a 95-1 vote and immediately sent it to the governor.

SB 6090 includes a record $1 billion to build new public schools, a key provision to help school districts reduce K-3 class sizes, as well as $800 million in projects at colleges and universities across the state.

In all, the budget will generate an estimated 75,000 jobs in communities across the entire state in construction, engineering, and natural resources over the next four years.

“The state’s capital budget is one of the best budgets for Clark County that we’ve seen in a long time,” said Rep. Monica Stonier, D-Vancouver. “Investments in the Clark County Historical Museum, the WSU Vancouver Life Sciences Building, and Bridgeview Education and Employment Resource Center are long overdue. It was deeply unfortunate when Republicans decided to block the bipartisan budget, but I’m glad lawmakers finally came to an agreement tonight so these projects can begin.”

“Working together, across chambers and across the aisle, we passed a construction budget with projects that will support working families by creating and sustaining jobs in Clark County and throughout Washington,” said Rep. Sharon Wylie, D-Vancouver. “In addition to addressing our housing needs, school construction, and environmental restoration, this budget matches the priorities of our operating budget by putting people first.”

The capital budget funds building and repairing infrastructure projects including schools, parks, community centers, clean air and water systems, corrections facilities, hospitals, clinics, housing, and higher education facilities, among others. 


Capital Budget Projects in the 49th Legislative District  
Department of Commerce  
2017-19 Building Communities Fund Grant – Aging With Dignity $395,000
2017-19 Building Communities Fund Grant – Bridgeview Resource Center $700,000
2017-19 Building Communities Fund Grant – Share Day Center $180,000
2017-19 Youth Recreational Facilities Grant Program – Clinton and Gloria John Club $328,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – Bridgeview Resource Center $500,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – Clark County Historical Museum $300,000
Public Works Assistance Account Construction Loans – Vancouver LED Street Lights $4,816,000
Department of Social and Health Services  
Special Commitment Center-Community Facilities: New Capacity $500,000
State School for the Blind  
2017-19 Campus Preservation $570,000
Independent Living Skills Center $50,000
Center for Childhood Deafness & Hearing Loss  
2017-19 Minor Public Works $307,000
Washington Pollution Liability Insurance Program  
Leaking Tank Model Remedies – Hansen Drilling Co. $20,000
Community & Technical College System  
Repairs, Maintenance, and Minor Works at Clark College $3,167,000
Total 49th Legislative District $11,833,000




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