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Legislative update: Car tabs, child care, & corporate data breaches

Car tab & Sound Transit legislation moving forward

I’ve heard from many of you about the high cost of car tabs and how that affects your budget. I’m continuing my work on a car tab payment plan for those who would rather pay in installments, instead of one lump sum. Discussions on how to properly implement and enforce this plan are ongoing and I hope to find a solution that will pass both chambers.

In the meantime, Democrats passed legislation last week I co-sponsored with my seatmate, Rep. Mike Pellicciotti, that will fix the ST3 car tab valuation unfairness and bring it closer to Kelley Blue Book.

This bill is currently the only bipartisan solution proposed that doesn’t completely overturn the will of the voters when it comes to needed light rail projects and economic investment in our region.

Stronger accountability when your private financial data is accessed

In a hearing on several bills addressing corporate data breaches, I questioned an industry lobbyist on the need for greater accountability to the public. The cost to a company that has your data is minuscule compared to the cost to individuals who have had their identity stolen because of credit companies lax security practices. I am supporting legislation that puts people first. Watch the video below to see a clip of the hearing.

Military leave and providing services to rural veterans

Reeves conferring with GOP colleague on floorLast year, I introduced legislation (HB 1571) that would create a pilot program to find more efficient and effective ways to connect earned federal services to veterans in rural and underserved areas.

That legislation passed the House, but didn’t pass the Senate. With new leadership in the Senate, I’m hopeful it has a better chance this year.

A new bill I am working on this year clarifies how National Guard members use military leave. Guard members are granted up to 21 days of military leave from their citizen employment, but for jobs like firefighters, when a shift can span two calendar days, the military leave is charged for both days, instead of just one.

My legislation (HB 2851) simply says that if a Guard member requests leave for a shift that starts one day and ends the next, they be charged only for the one day. That bill is headed to the House floor for a vote.

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I’ve been hearing from many of you on some of these issues and I appreciate the feedback. As always, contact my office if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share.

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