Washington State House Democrats


Proposed change to Spokane County commissioner elections receives unanimous committee support.

OLYMPIA – The Responsible Representation Act, a bipartisan bill changing the way larger counties elect county commissioners, has passed the House Committee on State Government, Elections and Information Technology with unanimous support. HB 2887, sponsored by Spokane Rep. Marcus Riccelli (D – 3rd District), directs counties with populations over 400,000 to change to a five commissioner district-based county commission starting in 2022.

“Right now, Spokane County faces real challenges. Moving to five commissioners will ensure citizens get a more responsive government to match our growing population,” said Rep. Riccelli. “Further, district representation gives citizens a more direct voice in government. They know specifically who to contact to express views and who to hold accountable. This also sets up a redistricting commission so district lines are established in an open and bipartisan manner.”

The unanimous vote means the House may consider HB 2887 for final passage. The deadline for HB 2887 to pass the full House is Wednesday, February 14.