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Kilduff’s Military Spouse Employment Bill Passes House

OLYMPIA — Spouses of active duty soldiers face a much higher rate of unemployment, even taking into account those who choose to stay home. Removing workplace barriers and promoting job opportunities for military spouses is a focus of Rep. Christine Kilduff, D-University Place, who passed HB 2456 today in the Washington House of Representatives.

HB 2456 fosters greater awareness of job opportunities for military spouses and directs state agencies to conduct an employment awareness campaign without additional cost to the taxpayers.

“Military spouses make tremendous sacrifices to ensure their husband or wife can defend our freedom and serve our country. The spouse of every soldier deserves a fair chance when looking for work and no military family should have to suffer dire financial consequences in service to our great nation. This legislation allows our state to take the lead in educating employers about the valuable skills and abilities of military spouses and goes a long way towards protecting the financial health of military families,” said Kilduff.

HB 2456 now heads to the Senate.

Rep. Kilduff with military spouses in support of HB 2456
Rep. Kilduff with military spouses in support of HB 2456