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State House passes bill protecting domestic-violence survivors from discrimination

OLYMPIA – The Washington House of Representatives passed legislation today to protect survivors of domestic or sexual violence from discrimination. HB 2661, sponsored by Rep. Beth Doglio (D–22, Olympia), prohibits businesses from firing or otherwise discriminating against domestic or sexual violence survivors. Current law does not explicitly prohibit an employer from firing a survivor once the employer finds out about the abuse.

“We need to protect survivors from discrimination because of abuse,” said Rep Doglio. “Domestic and sexual violence is too common in our society. One of the keys to getting out of these situations is economic stability. This bill will ensure Washington workers cannot be fired or denied employment because they are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.”

HB 2661 now passes on to the Senate for consideration. Additionally, the House of Representative passed a second bill sponsored by Rep. Doglio, which will strengthen prevailing wage practices in the state. HB 1673 will require training on prevailing wage for responsible bidders on public works. Bidders who have completed at least three public works projects and have had a Washington business license for at least three years will be exempt.