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Rep. Valdez sponsored measure, aimed at protecting children’s privacy, heads to governor’s desk

OLYMPIA –  Protecting children, especially when they are dealing with their most vulnerable moments, is a value we all hold dear.

The bi-cameral unanimous passing of Rep. Javier Valedz’s (D-Seattle) measure protecting child forensic interviews that describe or depict allegations of child abuse, child neglect, or exposure to violence from disclosure under the Public Records Act, speaks directly to this shared value.

“A child going through such trauma in their lives does not need their privacy further invaded by having these records becoming public at a later time,” said Valdez. “We must do all we can to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

Child trauma is hard enough to cope with without having to relive it. HB 2700 will not only protect certain records from being public, but also ensure advanced of disclosure notice is given to child witnesses that have since become emancipated minors or attained the age of majority.

The measure now sits on the governor’s desk awaiting his signature.