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Monday, February 18


Associated Press
Gone in a New York minute: How the Amazon deal fell apart
Southwestern Washington measles case count grows to 61
Lawmaker: Offenders are too often ‘dumped’ in Lakewood, Tacoma
Washington Senate passes death penalty repeal bill (Carlyle)
Washington lawmakers advance limits on vaccine exemptions
Eyman under investigation in theft of $70 chair from store
Philippines says 136 people have died in measles outbreak
Lawmaker seeks restrictions on offender location, release

Aberdeen Daily World
‘Operation Green Jade’ fallout: Courts still juggling Chinese drug-ring cases
Adult entertainers seek safer workplace standards (Orwall)

Bellingham Herald
Lawmaker says college aid program needs funding – (Palumbo) 

Centralia Chronicle
State Senate Passes Bill to Remove the Death Penalty (Takko, Pedersen) 

Chinook Observer
State Senate passes bill to remove the death penalty (Takko, Pedersen) 

Measles outbreak: 754 kids missed school
Clark County confirmed measles cases up to 61
Cheers & Jeers: WWII casualty home; texts eyed (I-5 bridge)

The Daily News
Capitol Dispatch: DeBolt aims to ease transition to clean energy 

Everett Herald (subscription required)
Paine Field neighbors clash over security risks
Congress considers new program to pinpoint landslide risks
Singletary: Surprise, no income tax refund for you!
WaPo: Analysis shows Amazon paid no federal taxes last year
Viewpoints: Why U.S. gun laws are slow to change
Commentary: Higher vaccination rates protect health, safety
Commentary: Confront violence against Native American women
Commentary: Make drugmakers justify their price increases
Petri: Green New Deal would deny us pleasures of air travel
Editorial: Boost funding to help more foster kids graduate
Letter: Let lawmakers hear support for legislation to save orcas

Federal Way Mirror
Sound Transit CEO promises ‘robust public outreach’ in picking light rail yard site 

Highline Times
Crunch time: Demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct begins 

Journal of the San Juan Islands
Lawmakers propose new watercraft restrictions to save southern resident orcas
Board of Health to discuss medical air transport

Kirkland Reporter
Kirkland community members invited to meetings on update of the Shoreline Master Plan 

Kitsap Sun (subscription required)
Opinion: The sneaky cynicism of calling your doctor a ‘provider’ 

Moscow-Pullman Daily News
Our View: Sex education courses should be required in Washington (Wilson) 

News Tribune (subscription required)
Victims, not criminals: State’s runaway foster kids often end up in cuffs and jail
What Howard Schultz can learn from Washington Democrats (Das, Randall)
Gates says taxing capital gains is the best way to tap big fortunes 

New York Times
Chinese and Iranian Hackers Renew Their Attacks on U.S. Companies
Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry
New York City to Ban Discrimination Based on Hair
Portland Mayor Calls for Investigation of Police Over Texts With Right-Wing Organizer
States Flout Abortion Coverage Requirements, Federal Investigators Say

North Coast News
Lawmakers seek to improve sexual health education in Washington state (Wilson) 

The Olympian
Layoffs and cutbacks coming to state’s schools without levy reform, district leaders say
Southwestern Washington measles case count grows to 61

Peninsula Daily News
State Legislature about to warm up after snow (Chapman, Tharinger)
LETTER: Support legislation to protect state’s environment (Tharinger, Chapman)
State Senate passes death penalty repeal bill (Carlyle, Pedersen)
Port Angeles students ask lawmakers to eliminate supermajority for bonds (Chapman, Tharinger) 

Redmond Reporter
WSDOT hopes ‘Viadoom’ habits continue 

Renton Reporter
President’s emergency declaration sparks immediate legal backlash 

Seattle Times (subscription required)
Making the grade: Parents, here’s how to find — and decipher — Washington’s new school report cards
How Puget Sound-area school districts will make up days lost to historic snowfall
Washington’s last presidential primary was meaningless. The state Legislature might change that.
Surprise! If you get a call from this man, it’s no scam. The state really has money for you.
Washington handles runaway foster kids with handcuffs, shackles and jail. Is there a better way?
The Daily News: To save on surgery, out-of-state patients travel to Washington’s Longview
Amid measles outbreak, state House panel moves to ban personal vaccine exemptions (Stonier)
As EPA announces plan to tackle chemical pollution in drinking water, Washington looks to write its own rules
Westneat: Amazon puts the smile in federal income taxes — by not paying any
Editorial: Agree or disagree, sheriffs must enforce new state gun law
Opinion: Let minors choose themselves to vaccinate against measles
Editorial: Legislature, don’t micromanage cities (Palumbo)

Seattle Weekly
President’s Emergency Declaration Sparks Immediate Legal Backlash 

Spokesman Review
Washington’s need-based scholarship program runs out of money before all eligible students are helped. Some Legislators want that changed.(Palumbo, Ormsby)f
Gun rights, 51st state are linked, Shea tells rally
Getting There: 7 big transportation projects Spokane Valley plans to finish in 2019
As Washington lawmakers debate ending life imprisonment for 3-strikes, mom of Spokane murder victim speaks out (Darneille)
Spokane Valley banker tells Congress to allow lenders to deal with marijuana businesses
Spin Control: Why legislators have a responsibility to reveal sources the news media don’t (Hunt, Pedersen)
Opinion: State parks are good public investment for Washington 

Sequim Gazette
Lawmakers seek to improve sexual health education in Washington state (Wilson)
Layoffs and cutbacks coming to state’s schools without levy reform, district leaders say (Wellman)
Editorial: Pasco’s ousted needle exchange program needs a new home so it can save lives 

USA Today
California ‘definitely and imminently’ suing over Trump emergency declaration, state AG says
‘I didn’t need to do this.’ Critics say Trump quote undercuts national emergency for border wall 

Walla Walla Union Bulletin (subscription required)
Editorial: Bipartisan public lands legislation shows Congress can actually work
Editorial: Curbing vaping must be taken very seriously

Washington Post
Federal judge temporarily blocks military from forcing out HIV-positive airmen
Farmworker vs Robot
Florida sixth-grader charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance
White House defends Trump’s emergency declaration as lawsuits and political battles mount

Yakima Herald Republic
U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse calls for vetting of Trump’s emergency declaration
Editorial: Lifting of ‘gag clause’ a good first step in lowering drug costs
Editorial: Legislature misguided in latest public-records dodge (Pedersen)



Tracking the progress of major Washington bills (Carlyle)
Seattle hosts homeless resource fair to reach new people after winter storm 

Russian trolls, bots influencing discord in immunization debate, study finds

Seattle leads nation with more wealthy renters than homeowners 

In fiery speech, state lawmaker calls for eastern Washington to secede and form its own state  (Gregerson)

NW Public Radio
U.S. citizens detained after speaking Spanish in Montana sue U.S. Bordeer Agency
There were few major Pacific Northwest earthquakes over the past decade. What does that mean?
To save endangered species, conservationists want you to ‘wrap it up’

Q13 TV (Fox)
Seattle groups taking part in National Day of Protest against border emergency
Southwestern Washington measles case count grows to 61



WA’s death penalty may be unconstitutional, but it’s not dead — yet (Carlyle)

SW Washington measles case count grows to 61
Tim Eyman investigated for theft of $70 Office Depot chair
State Senate passes bill to abolish death penalty (Carlyle)
The Alaskan Way Viaduct officially starts to come down

NPI’s Cascadia Advocate
VICTORY! Washington State Senate votes to abolish the death penalty a second time (Billig, Carlyle, Cleveland, Conway, Darneille, Das, Dhingra, Frockt, Hasegawa, Hawkins, Hunt, Keiser, Kuderer, Liias, Lovelett, McCoy, Mullet, Nguyen, Palumbo, Pedersen, Randall, Rolfes, Saldaña, Salomon, Walsh, Warnick, Wellman, Wilson (Claire), Takko, Hobbs, Van De Wege) 

Capital gains tax would almost exclusively be paid by millionaires, billionaires 

Seattle P.I.
Ballard’s National Nordic Museum? Designation part of federal lands bill