Washington State House Democrats


Rep. Shelley Kloba to serve as vice chair of the House Commerce and Gaming Committee

OLYMPIA – State Rep. Shelley Kloba, D-Kirkland, has been appointed vice chair of the House Commerce and Gaming Committee where she will continue her leadership creating gambling policy and regulating Washington’s legal cannabis industry.

Rep. Kloba has served on the Commerce and Gaming Committee since she joined the Legislature in 2016. In that time, she has taken a lead role in gambling policy, serving on the problem gambling task force and as an ex-officio member of the Washington State Gambling Commission. In 2019, she passed legislation that created a program allowing people who struggle with problem gambling to self-exclude themselves from gambling.

She has also been instrumental in evolving our state’s legal cannabis industry, ensuring that patients are protected, and businesses have clear guidelines to operate.

“I am excited to continue working with Rep. Petersen and the rest of the Commerce and Gaming Committee to pass smart, forward-thinking policy on alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and gambling in order to mitigate the harm that comes along with these activites, balancing freedom with safety,” said Rep. Kloba.

In addition, Rep. Kloba serves as the vice chair of the Innovation, Technology & Economic Development Committee and on the Transportation Committee.