Washington State House Democrats


Statement from House Speaker Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma) on Governor’s latest statewide restrictions in response to spiking COVID-19 rates:

“We know these updated guidelines and restrictions are hard on everyone, especially those businesses that were restricted and unable to operate earlier this year. Nobody wanted to go back to these restrictions, but it is a significant way to save lives. Too many hospital beds are filling up, too many new cases are appearing everywhere across the state, and too many front-line health care workers are exhausted as they try to keep patients alive.

“We all need to do our part to slow this virus down. If we don’t, people will die. It’s that simple. We can’t let our frustration over this pandemic override the good public health measures we can all take to keep family, friends, and community members alive.

“We will push for more small business assistance immediately and focus on providing relief to the businesses struggling under the pandemic, but without federal assistance our options are very limited. We need President Trump and Congress to come together and pass a relief package ensuring the economic security of every family in Washington, and the rest of the country. That is how we get people to stay home and knock this virus down. This cannot wait for the Biden Administration. Relief must come now from the federal government, and it must keep struggling businesses and families from falling behind any more than they already are during these last ten months.”