Washington State House Democrats


The House Hot Sheet for Week 11 of the 2021 Legislative Session


Week 11 begins with a public hearing in the House Committee on College & Workforce Development on SB 5194 from Sen. Marko Liias, the Our Colleges Our Future Act, which will make community and technical colleges more accessible for Washington students. An executive session is scheduled for SB 5321, Sen. T’wina Nobles’ bill to increase access to the College Bound scholarship.

In the afternoon, the Appropriations Committee will hold a public hearing on SB 5228 by Sen. Emily Randall, which builds equity in medical training by providing anti-racism education in continuing education. Also up for public hearing is SB 5431, also from Sen. Randall, which establishes the Rosa Franklin Legislative Internship Scholarship and SB 5432 from Sen. Reuven Carlyle to establish the state Office of Cybersecurity.



Tuesday morning, the House Education committee has scheduled SB 5044 for executive session. SB 5044, from Sen. Mona Das, would add equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism curricula to existing cultural competency training for school board directors, district staff and school staff.

Also up for executive session in the Environment & Energy committee is SB 5141 from Sen. Saldaña, also known as the HEAL Act, which seeks to address how disproportionate exposure to environmental hazards has led to a higher risk of adverse health outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.

The Housing, Human Services & Veterans committee is scheduled to vote on SB 5214 from Sen. Joe Nguyen which would increase TANF investments by extending payments beyond the current 60-month lifetime if state unemployment is at or above 7 percent. Also up for a vote is SB 5160 from Sen. Patty Kuderer, which would create new eviction protections for renters and expand programs to help landlords.


On Wednesday, the College & Workforce Development committee is scheduled vote on SB 5194. The Children, Youth & Families committee is scheduled to vote on the Fair Start for Kids Act, SB 5237, from Sen. Claire Wilson.

The House Health Care & Wellness committee is scheduled to vote on SB 5203 from Sen. Kevin Van De Wege, which authorizes the state Health Care Authority to work with other groups and states to produce, distribute or purchase generic drugs, potentially lowering the cost of life-saving medications.

In the Labor & Workplace Standards committee, SB 5425 is up for executive session. SB 5425, from Sen. Derek Stanford, creates flexibility in the state unemployment insurance program and extends access during times of high unemployment.


On Thursday, the House Consumer Protection & Business is scheduled to vote on SB 5188 from Sen. Kuderer. SB 5188 creates a public financial cooperative to provide alternatives for local and tribal governments to fund infrastructure and economic development needs.


On Friday, the House Democratic Caucus will unveil its 2021-2023 Operating Budget proposal at a press conference at 3 pm. Watch live on TVW.