Washington State House Democrats


The House Hot Sheet for Week 5 of the 2022 Legislative Session


Week five begins with Fiscal Committee Cutoff, the last day House bill can move forward for the year prior to the February 7 deadline. At 10 a.m., the House Appropriations Committee will public hearing and executive session on a long list of bills, including:

  • HB 1782, the Homes for WA Act from Rep. Jessica Bateman. Rep. Bateman sat down with Senator Mona Das for the Capitol Ideas podcast to talk about the bill and need to change laws to allow for more safe and affordable housing. Listen here;
  • HB 1181, from Rep. Tina Orwall, establishing programs and measures to prevent suicide among veterans and military members;
  • HB 2022, legislation from Rep. Emily Wicks, to address social equity in the cannabis industry;
  • HB 1359, from Rep. Stonier, temporarily reduces liquor license fees for restaurants, night clubs, theaters, caterers, and tasting rooms;
  • HB 2048, prime sponsored by Rep. Strom Peterson, to establish new time limit extensions for recipients of the state‚Äôs Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program;
  • HB 1896, brought forward by Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley, providing for responsible environmental management of batteries;
  • HB 1868, from Rep. Marcus Riccelli, to enact safe staffing standards in health care facilities;
  • HB 1806, also sponsored by Rep. Riccelli, to extend collective bargaining rights to legislative employees;
  • HB 1865, from Rep. Lauren Davis, to create certified peer specialists, addressing the behavioral health workforce shortage; and,
  • HB 1866, the Apple Homes and Health program from Rep. Frank Chopp.


The House has scheduled floor action Tuesday through Friday of this week, with possible floor action scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.