Washington State House Democrats


Alvarado: Remove barriers to opportunity for all

OLYMPIA—First-term lawmaker Rep. Emily Alvarado (D-Seattle) says she is focused on economic opportunity, bold action to address our housing crisis, and equity.  

“We need strong reforms to break down systemic injustices so that every family has what they need,” said Alvarado. “That starts with the basics of high-quality early learning and public schools, economic justice for working people, and affordable housing for all. While we may disagree on how to get to these common goals, I believe collaboration and bold action can bring real progress on these issues during this legislative session.” 

Alvarado is vice chair of two House committees—Housing and Local Government—while also serving on Capital Budget, which controls the state’s efforts to build schools, affordable housing, parks, and other infrastructure. 

“I encourage everyone back home to get informed and involved in their democracy this session,” Alvarado said. “You no longer have to take the day off to drive down to Olympia and back—there are more options than ever to learn about legislation, share your thoughts, meet virtually with lawmakers, and testify remotely in committee.”