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Representative Darya Farivar Passes First Bill to Senate 

OLYMPIA — Representative Farivar, D- Seattle, recently introduced House Bill 1345, removing extended family visitation from the list of privileges that the Department of Corrections requires incarcerated individuals to contribute to. The legislation comes at the request of the Department of Corrections.  

“This bill recognizes the incredibly important role family plays in helping rehabilitate incarcerated individuals.” said Rep. Farivar. “Once incarcerated individuals finish their sentence, they will need help from natural supports to live happy, healthy lives and stay in our communities without experiencing recidivism.” 

The legislation comes at a time of renewed attention on the wages inmates are paid for their labor and the costs of certain privileges the Department of Corrections charges them. Currently, extended family visitations cost five dollars per visitation. When compared with the wages inmates receive, typically less than one dollar per hour for their work, invaluable resources like family support remain out of reach.  

HB 1345 cleared its first legislative milestone on February 2nd, when it passed the House Committee on Community Safety, Justice, & Reentry. It was then voted off the House floor on February 13th, where it received a 64-32 vote. It now heads to the Senate Human Services Committee.