Washington State House Democrats


House passes Slatter bill to protect reproductive health data 

OLYMPIA – Today, the Washington House of Representatives passed a first in the nation piece of legislation to strengthen protections for consumer healthcare data. Rep. Vandana Slatter, D-Bellevue, introduced the My Health, My Data Act in partnership with Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Although it will protect all consumer health data, this bill was introduced as a response to the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Decision and is particularly crucial for protecting reproductive health data. 

 “In Washington State, we expect our healthcare data to be protected and that includes reproductive health and gender-affirming care,” said Rep. Slatter. “That means combatting predatory behaviors such as the sale of private reproductive healthcare data that leads to restrictions on healthcare in states like Texas. Protecting us from attacks on our most sensitive health data is long overdue. Websites and apps have the tools to protect our data. It’s time they did that.” 

The substitute bill provides additional clarity in defining terms regarding precise geographic information that apps collect and modifies privacy policy disclosure requirements. Additionally, HB 1155 prohibits the sale of consumer health data not protected under HIPAA and requires consumer consent before personal, health-related data is shared or collected. In combination, this provides needed flexibility for both healthcare providers and tech companies, while also protecting the interests of people seeking reproductive healthcare. 

House Bill 1155 is part of a package of legislation introduced by House & Senate Democrats in response to attacks on constitutional protections for reproductive care and abortion rights.

It now moves to the Senate for further consideration.