Washington State House Democrats


House passes Stonier bill guaranteeing sanitary conditions for workers who menstruate, lactate, or express milk

OLYMPIA – Barriers to well-paying jobs were removed today with the passage of HB 2266. Sponsored by Rep. Monica Stonier (D-Vancouver) HB 2266 ensures that all employers in the state provide reasonable, sanitary accommodations for workers who menstruate, lactate, or express milk. Current law allows for exemptions for employers with mobile crews or those employing less than 15 workers.  

“You hear a lot of talk about getting people the training they need to move on to a family sustaining career,” said Stonier. “But that’s only half the equation. All the education and credentials in the world don’t mean anything if worksites can’t accommodate for those who have to deal with these natural occurrences.”  

Some of the reasonable accommodations defined in the bill are more frequent and longer bathroom breaks, modified work schedules, and providing seating when it is not usually available. The bill aims to protect the health of workers while also providing additional privacy on jobsites.  

“I am a working mother, so I know how difficult things can be in this regard,” said Stonier. “I’m an educator and I still faced many challenges in a school building. Guaranteeing that every worker has their basic needs met means more people can join the workforce and provide for their families.”  

HB 2266 passed the House with a vote of 84 to 13. It moves on to the Senate for consideration.