Washington State House Democrats


Washington House Democrats bring fairness to the housing market with rent stabilization

OLYMPIA – Washington House Democrats kept a promise today with the passage of HB 2114. Sponsored by Emily Alvarado (D-West Seattle) the bill aims to provide stability to renters through a number of measures.  

“We need to take immediate action,” said Alvarado. “This policy will bring fairness into the housing market and provides immediate relief for seniors and working families.”  

The bill prohibits increasing rent more than once in a 12-month period and prohibits increasing rent more than 7% during a 12-month period for month to month and long-term leases. It also requires that landlords charge the same for month to month and long-term leases. Additionally, combined total move in fees and security deposits cannot exceed the cost of one month’s rent and late fees are capped at 1.5% of a tenant’s total monthly rent.  

“This is a balanced policy that lets landlords raise the rent and make a reasonable return.” said Alvarado. “It prevents excessive rent increases and helps renters to better plan their budgets.” 

The bill provides additional renter protections by requiring 180 day notice of rent increases more than 3%.  

“Housing is the single greatest cost in most family budgets,” explained Alvarado. “When housing costs rise suddenly people are forced to make impossible choices.” 

HB 2114 passed the House with a vote of 54 to 43. It moves on to the Senate for consideration.