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House passes five Callan bills on education, early learning, health care 

OLYMPIA—At the deadline for legislation to pass their chamber of origin, the House of Representatives passed five bills written by Rep. Lisa Callan (D-Issaquah). 

“These bills are about giving all of our kids a better chance in school and in life,” Callan said. “I’m passionate about that cause, and happy that the hard work of constituents and stakeholders has helped push these bills through the process so far.” 

Here are details about the five bills, and one that didn’t pass, but Callan is still working on: 

  • Special education cap increase (House Bill 2180) passed the House with a unanimous 97-0 vote and boosted funding for special education. 
  • First Approach Skills Training (House Bill 1851) provides funding for a consult line to pediatricians and school counselors who are delivering evidence-based Behavioral Health skills training to youth. It passed the House on a unanimous 93-0 vote. 
  • Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group (House Bill 2256) strengthens our state’s ability to respond to the behavioral health crisis affecting so many children and youth today. It passed the House 93-4. 
  • School district indebtedness (House Bill 2411) helps maximize school capital levy funding for school renovation and construction. It passed the House 58-39 and is now being considered in the Senate. 
  • Early learning facilities (House Bill 2195) boosts the construction of badly needed centers. This legislation also passed on a 58-39 vote. 
  • Diaper changing access (House Bill 2052) passed committee and didn’t make it out of the House—but Callan pledges to keep working on it. This legislation was brought forward by a 5th District constituent and has the attention of the press:  

“Many bills get started as ideas from constituents back home,” Callan said. “If you see a problem every day, and have ideas about a solution, please get in touch with me!”