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Economic Growth, Social Cohesion, & Support for Veterans

Dear friends and neighbors,   

Thank you so much to those of you who joined myself and Rep. Davis for our Town Hall! We really appreciate your thoughtful engagement. You can read a writeup about it in the Lynwood Times, or, if you were unable to attend but want to watch the recording, click here or the image below!


Update on My Bills

House of origin cutoff was last week—and we passed 270 bills, 146 of which were unanimous and 205 that received strong bipartisan support (80+ votes)!  

Here’s an update on my bills that have passed in the House and are now being considered in the Senate:  

House Bill 1997: Promoting Diversity in State Parks and Recreation Commission Appointments 

Representation matters. This bill requires gubernatorial appointments to the State Parks and Recreation Commission to reflect Washington’s diverse population, ensuring a variety of genders, ethnicities, races, and tribal backgrounds are represented. 

 House Bill 2153: Combatting Catalytic Converter Theft Protecting property and deterring crime is essential. This legislation strengthens regulations on catalytic converter transactions, requiring scrap processors or vehicle wreckers to obtain specific licenses. Moreover, it establishes new felony and gross misdemeanor offenses related to trafficking, possessing, selling, or altering catalytic converters, aiming to curb theft and illegal activities surrounding these automobile components. 

Economic Growth, Social Cohesion, and Support for Those Who Have Served

Policies sparking innovation, fostering community development, and honoring our veterans are cornerstones of our legislative agenda. Our policies aim not only to drive economic growth but also to strengthen social cohesion and support those who have served our country. I am honored to lead the Innovation, Community and Economic Development, and Veterans committee in advancing these initiatives that uplift our communities and empower our citizens. Here are the bills that have progressed through our committee and successfully passed in the House: 


House Bill 1012: Strengthening Community Response to Extreme Weather Events 

Extreme weather events require robust and immediate responses. This bill mandates the development of an Extreme Weather Response Grant Program by the Military Department. The program’s goal is to support communities during severe weather conditions, including extreme heat or cold and poor air quality due to wildfire smoke, by offsetting response costs. 

House Bill 1717: Catalyzing Innovation and Sustainability in Development 

Innovation drives progress. This legislation directs the Department of Commerce to establish a competitive grant program annually. This initiative aims to spark innovation, sustainability, partnerships, and equity within associate development organizations, ensuring they meet specific financial oversight and reporting requirements. 

House Bill 1835: Identifying Frontier Counties for Enhanced Support 

Defining our communities is the first step towards targeted development. By officially recognizing frontier counties, this bill expands eligibility for public facilities grants and loans, excise taxes benefits, and support from the Department of Commerce, fostering rural and remote area development. 

House Bill 1870: Enhancing Local Access to Federal Economic Development Funds 

Access to federal grants is crucial for community health and development. The Department of Commerce will administer the MATCH program, designed to enhance local communities’ competitiveness for federal grants by providing a state pool of matching funds accessible through an application process. 

House Bill 1978: Expanding Emergency Response Collaboration 

Community safety and preparedness are paramount. This bill extends the Intrastate Mutual Aid System to include special purpose districts and junior taxing districts, enhancing statewide emergency response capabilities. 

House Bill 1982: Boosting Broadband Access through Strategic Investments 

Connectivity is a cornerstone of economic development. This legislation empowers the Community Economic Revitalization Board to provide broadband loans and grants to government entities in rural and underserved areas, aiming for widespread economic and community development. 

House Bill 2014: Honoring Veterans through Expanded Eligibility 

Veterans deserve recognition and support. This legislation broadens the definition of “veteran,” expanding eligibility for state benefits and services, and honors the diverse contributions of veterans to our nation. 

House Bill 2020: Establishing a State Administered Public Infrastructure Assistance Program 

Disasters challenge our communities’ resilience. This bill authorizes the Adjutant General to manage a state infrastructure assistance program, offering emergency aid for public infrastructure damages in counties and tribes, ensuring swift recovery from disasters. 

House Bill 2135: Inclusive Emergency Management for Federally Recognized Tribes 

Emergency preparedness includes everyone. By including members of federally recognized tribes in the Emergency Worker Program, this bill enhances the Military Department’s capacity to respond to emergencies with a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

House Bill 2257: Supporting Backcountry Search and Rescue Operations 

Safety in remote areas is essential. This legislation establishes a grant program for backcountry search and rescue organizations, covering costs for planning, equipment, training, and operations, and allows local recovery of unreimbursed expenses, ensuring robust support for these critical volunteers.

The bills we’ve been diligently crafting mark significant strides toward a more robust and resilient economic future for our state and its residents. 

Thank you so much for reading!  



Rep. Cindy Ryu  

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