Washington State House Democrats


Town Hall Meeting – Sat March 14

Rep. Eddy, Sen. Tom and I will host our second town hall meeting of 2009 tomorrow, Sat March 14th from 10:00 Am to Noon. Our focus will be Education, though… READ MORE

House Approves Ed Finance Bill

Last night the House approved the current incarnation of our ed finance reform bill – HB 2261. I’m including links to some summaries of the bill, including the AP story… READ MORE

Important Bills

The Legislature is a cyclical activity. We go through a phase where everyone creates proposed new laws and files them. This is call “dropping” bills, because you drop the signed… READ MORE

Education Financing Update

For the entire 6 years I’ve been in the legislature I’ve worked on school funding. I’ve tried to improve the amount and the efficacy of use of the money. This… READ MORE