Washington State House Democrats


Wednesday, March 22

WA state revenue forecasts predict slowdown as lawmakers prepare new spending plans Over the next two years, Washington State is likely to bring in less revenue than previously expected, according… READ MORE

Tuesday, March 21

Sen. Mark Mullet: A fiscally responsible way to tackle WA’s affordable housing crisis There’s no doubt that housing affordability is one of the biggest challenges faced by Washingtonians. Too many… READ MORE

Monday, March 20

As Washington rents go up, up, up, the air gets thin for tenants Washington will need 1.1 million homes over the next 20 years to keep pace with the expected… READ MORE

Friday, March 17

WA bill could help ease renewable energy development tensions In the Pacific Northwest, conversations about renewable energy can get pretty heated. Residents often raise concerns about fragmented wildlife habitats, disturbed… READ MORE

Thursday, March 16

Washington’s first carbon auction sold pollution for $300 million In its first year of implementation, under the Climate Commitment Act, passed in 2021, businesses convene through an online platform and… READ MORE