Washington State House Democrats


Monday, July 6

Chokeholds, tear gas, police reform top agenda for WA Legislature Washington state lawmakers plan to pursue a broad range of police reforms the next time they meet, including possibly limiting… READ MORE

Thursday, July 2

8 Countries prepare to take in Hong Kong refugees fleeing China’s crackdown A day after China began to enforce a sweeping national security law over Hong Kong, several governments are… READ MORE

Wednesday, July 1

AG Ferguson wants to require law enforcement statewide to report all uses of deadly force State Attorney General Bob Ferguson released a report Tuesday to the state Legislature recommending policies… READ MORE

Tuesday, June 30

Protests don’t appear to be driving coronavirus surge in Seattle area or elsewhere, researchers say More than one month after Floyd’s death, the number of COVID-19 cases is rising in… READ MORE

Monday, June 29

UPDATE: Which of the Tri-Cities is the worst at wearing masks in stores. Plus 624 new cases in a week A recent count of people wearing masks in Benton and… READ MORE