Washington State House Democrats


Wednesday, April 17

WA Legislative Black Caucus members chime in on controversial hire by Thurston Sheriff Members of Washington State’s Legislative Black Caucus issued a statement Tuesday regarding a recent controversial hire at… READ MORE

Tuesday, April 16

Why child care costs are soaring The cost of daycare and preschool rose 4.4% in March from the year before — outpacing the overall inflation rate, per the Bureau of… READ MORE

Monday, April 15

WA has passed lots of new gun laws. Could they be in legal trouble? When a Cowlitz County judge ruled last week that Washington’s ban on high- capacity magazines is… READ MORE

Friday, April 12

More transparency needed for WA police asset seizures, audit says A new state audit says that Washington police agencies could be more transparent about the process of seizing assets like… READ MORE

Thursday, April 11

Washington gun store sold hundreds of high-capacity ammunition magazines in 90 minutes without ban A Washington state gun store owner said he sold hundreds of high-capacity ammunition magazines in the… READ MORE