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Monday, July 22

Washington wolves stay state endangered species The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 5-4 Friday to keep wolves as a state endangered species, rejecting the recommendation of state scientists who… READ MORE

Friday, July 19

Washington governor orders council to restore windmills to Horse Heaven project A state council yielded Wednesday to Gov. Jay Inslee and took a step toward approving the Horse Heaven wind… READ MORE

Thursday, July 18

Seattle interim police chief fires officer who made ‘vile’ comments Seattle interim police Chief Sue Rahr has fired an officer and union leader who made comments, described as “vile” and… READ MORE

Wednesday, July 17

Attorneys for convicted Auburn police officer seek new trial and judge The attorneys for Auburn police officer Jeffrey Nelson, convicted last month of murder and assault for the shooting death… READ MORE

Tuesday, July 16

Sale of large capacity magazines remains illegal after WA Supreme Court stay ruling The Washington State Supreme Court upheld Monday morning a temporary legal pause preventing the sale of large-capacity… READ MORE