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Wednesday, May 15

Overdose deaths in 2023 fell for the first time since the pandemic Deadly drug overdoses in the United States declined last year for the first time since before the COVID-19… READ MORE

Tuesday, May 14

Washington wins grant to acquire 9,700 acres of forestland in Central Cascades Washington has secured a $15.3 million federal grant for the purchase of nearly 10,000 acres of forestland around… READ MORE

Monday, May 13

Washington’s neverending housing crisis Washington is on track to hit some of its housing goals, but homeownership remains expensive, homelessness is growing, and the supply of affordable homes is still… READ MORE

Friday, May 10

Down payment on home out of reach as Clark County’s high rents challenge middle-income family Much attention has focused on how Washington’s housing crisis has affected low-income families, but it… READ MORE

Thursday, May 9

Guns are being stolen from cars at triple the rate they were 10 years ago, a report finds The rate of guns stolen from cars in the U.S. has tripled… READ MORE