WA Cares: What you need to know about long-term care

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Legislature recently expanded social security in our state by creating a new long-term care program that everyone can access when they need it. The new WA Cares Fund provides access to long-term care services like in-home personal care, ramps and other home modifications, and personal equipment like wheelchairs and walkers. With the WA Cares Fund, everyone can access these new services to help stay in their home and enjoy their retirement years.

There are some questions being raised about long-term care in our state. Please visit the WA Cares Fund website at www. wacaresfund.wa.gov to get the facts. We truly believe the WA Cares Fund is going to be a major benefit to families in Washington state for years to come.






What is WA Cares?

Just like Social Security and Medicare, WA Cares is part of the social safety net that Washington residents can access when they need it. Most of us will need long-term care support or services when we are older, but almost no one saves for it. WA Cares will be there for you for many of those long-term care needs. And since everyone contributes, everyone benefits.

What benefits does WA Cares provide?

As you get older, some things might get harder and you might need changes to your home to get around or help getting to doctors appointments. WA Cares can be used for a range of services and supports, like building ramps for wheelchair accessibility around the house or hiring a home care assistant to come a few hours a week for basic home assistance. There are a lot ways you can use your WA Cares benefit – without spending savings or relying on Medicaid.