LEGISLATIVE NEWS: House Passes Farivar Bill Addressing Antitrust Penalties

OLYMPIA – Currently, Washington’s maximum penalty for antitrust violations is a measly $900,000, a slap on the wrist for corporations raking in millions through illegal schemes. This allows bad actors to see fines as just another cost of doing business, leaving consumers and small businesses to pay the real price through inflated prices and stifled competition.

To address this issue, Representative Darya Farivar (D-North Seattle) worked with Attorney General Ferguson to develop and introduce House Bill 2072. The legislation increases penalties for companies engaging in harmful anti-competitive practices by three times the unlawful gains or loss avoided.

“This sends a clear message,” said Rep. Farivar. “Washington won’t tolerate anti-competitive tactics that hurt our economy and communities. With stronger penalties, we can deter harmful practices and build a fairer, more competitive economy for all.”

By deterring antitrust practices, Washington is taking a critical step in fostering a thriving business environment. Higher penalties empower the Attorney General to hold violators accountable, recover ill-gotten gains, and level the playing field for small businesses struggling against unfair competition.

Today, the House passed the measure today, and it now advances to the Senate for further consideration.