Senate Votes To Empower Child Sex Abuse Survivors

OLYMPIA – Today, the Senate voted unanimously to pass House Bill 1618 addressing the impact of childhood sexual abuse and empowering survivors to seek justice.

The legislation eliminates the statute of limitations for recovery of damages because of childhood sexual abuse. It aims to unmask hidden predators, shift financial burdens from victims to perpetrators, and raise public awareness.

Representative Darya Farivar (D-Seattle), the sponsor of the legislation, shared that it “reflects a societal shift towards transparency and protecting children from sexual crimes.”

Farivar emphasizes the non-linear path to recovery, stressing the importance of empowering survivors to hold predators accountable. “This will fundamentally change the way Washington state handles childhood sexual abuse and force entities to come to terms with reality. The clock can no longer be run out and those who perpetrate the abuse, as well as those who allow it to happen, will be identified and held accountable.” added Farivar.

House Bill 1618’s vote from the Senate marks a pivotal moment in prioritizing justice and recovery for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It now heads to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.