2024 Session Victories: Funding for Local Projects

Dear friends and neighbors,

We talk a lot about the different budgets in our newsletters, but we wanted to update you all on what those investments will mean in our community. Most local projects are funded out of the Transportation budget (which Rep. Fey, as the House Transportation Committee Chair, leads on) and the capital budget, our state’s construction budget. If you’re curious about the differences between the Operating, Transportation, and Capital budgets you can get more information here.

For now, a quick summary is that the Transportation budget funds all things transportation: public transit, roads, sidewalks, bike paths, ferries, and other transportation infrastructure. The capital budget is the state’s construction budget, and goes towards things like construction and renovation, including housing, K-12, early learning, and higher education buildings, and community projects.

Important Transportation Projects in the 27th Legislative District


  • The Puget Sound Gateway Program (SR 167 and SR 509 completion) is two projects in one—SR 509 connects SeaTac to the Kent Valley and SR 167 connects the Port of Tacoma to Sumner and Puyallup. This year we were able to protect funding for this project, keeping us on track to complete work. This project also funds a shared use trail for pedestrian and bicycle travel from Puyallup to Tacoma.
  • Puyallup Tribe Port Electrification Project will help reduce emissions around the Port of Tacoma. ($20 million from the Climate Commitment Act)
  • The Tacoma Public Utilities Zero-Emission Vehicles Pilot Program which eliminates permitting costs for installing curbside electric vehicle charging on residential streets (learn more here). ($1.7 million from the Climate Commitment Act)
  • Communities for a Healthy Bay will receive funding for an electric-powered patrol boat. ($982,000 from the Climate Commitment Act)

Other Climate Commitment Act Projects in the 27th Legislative District

CCAProjectsThe Climate Commitment Act is a landmark piece of climate legislation. Not only does it use market-based solutions to help lower emissions in our state, it also helps fund projects that clean up our air and water. If you want to learn more about what the CCA is doing statewide, check out this site. In addition to the transportation projects mentioned above, the CCA is also helping fund:

  • Replacing the gas boilers on the UW Tacoma ($8.4 million)
  • Decarbonizing the Tacoma Fleet Maintenance building, which will help prevent 230 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually, or about 9% of the City of Tacoma’s total commercial building emissions. ($750,000)

Important Capital Projects in the 27th Legislative District

  • The Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center is in the final phase of construction. State funding will help them introduce 15 new classrooms, creating a total of 205 childcare slots and 15,075 square feet of childcare space. This location is dedicated to serving families with a lower income, kids with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or those facing other risk factors. ($515,000)
  • The City of Ruston Community Center received funding to help replace the roof and complete ADA improvements. ($360,000)
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church is converting units into permanent affordable housing. ($424,000)
  • The Tacoma Metro Parks People’s Community Center funding will support the design for replacement of the 45-year-old building – currently the oldest of the four active community centers and facing failing systems. ($400,000)
  • The Tacoma Metro Parks South End Community Center received funding for a feasibility study looking at siting, program needs, and design concepts for a new community center in Southeast Tacoma. ($200,000)
  • The City of Fife Sheffield Trail will complete the design and right-of-way acquisition for Phase Two of the project. ($100,000)
  • Foss Waterway Seaport received funding to complete the esplanade and allow safer and better public access to the waterfront. ($185,000)
  • Greater Christ Temple Church received funding for S. Yakima Ave Senior Housing. ($400,000)
  • City of Ruston projects including the Winnifred Street improvement project, right-of-way soil testing, land acquisition, public outreach/planning, and site preparation costs for the Ruston Park Remediation Project. ($1,109,000 – funding from the Model Toxics Account)

Important Operating Projects in the 27th Legislative District


  • Funding for the City of Tacoma to prevent the closure of 307 temporary and emergency shelter beds ($3 million)
  • Additional operations funding for Mi Centro to provide social services and educational programming. ($560,000)
  • Funding for a study on incorporating Dash Point and Brown Point into a single city. ($200,000)
  • The Tacoma Arts Live Accelerating Creative Enterprise (ACE) business incubator, which serves predominantly women and minority-owned businesses. ($250,000)
  • Funding for the City of Tacoma’s healthcare pilot program that addresses the physical and behavioral health needs for people experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders. ($1M from Opioid Abatement Settlement Funds)
  • Developing a comprehensive model toolkit through the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department that includes prevention, education, awareness, & policy strategies to address local opioid & fentanyl crisis response needs. ($750,000)
  • Expanding the Tacoma Community College Imaging Science Program. ($150,000)

You can find more information about each of the budgets, including maps, charts, summarized descriptions, and more at fiscal.wa.gov. You can also always reach out to our offices with any questions that you have, we appreciate hearing from you and are happy to help! You can contact Speaker Jinkins here, and Rep. Fey here.


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