District Office:
1901 S Jefferson Ave, #103
Tacoma, WA   98402

(253) 593-2022

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Olympia Address:
JLOB 415
PO Box 40600
Olympia, WA

(360) 786-7974

Legislative Assistant:
Anna Nepomuceno

Public Records:

To request public records from Rep. Jake Fey, please contact Samina Mays who is the designated public records officer for the Chief Clerk and members of the House.

Toll-free Hotline:
1-800-635-9993 (TTY)

Chair, Transportation
Environment & Energy

For Press inquiries:
Guy Bergstrom, Senior Communications Specialist
(360) 786-7811

For broadcast-quality audio or TV/radio interviews:
Dan Frizzell, Broadcast Coordinator
(360) 786-7208