Representative Drew Hansen chairs the Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee in the Washington State House of Representatives. Representative Hansen is responsible for some of Washington State’s most significant legislation, including Washington’s landmark free college tuition law, which the New York Times called “a gamechanger,” and the nation’s first state-level net neutrality law, which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. He also sponsored the New Hope Act, a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that helps people who have spent time in prison rebuild their lives, the DREAM Act 2.0 to protect state financial aid eligibility for DACA students, and a 2017 law cracking down on illegal gun purchases, which the New York Times profiled as a national model, saying “this is how it should work everywhere.”

Representative Hansen represents the 23rd Legislative District (most of Kitsap County), where he lives with his family.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact Rep. Hansen at 360-786-7842, by sending an email here. You can also sign up for Rep. Hansen’s e-newsletter and follow Rep. Hansen on Facebook for the latest news.  You can also view Rep. Hansen’s 2022 legislative summary newsletter, a joint publication with Rep. Tarra Simmons and Sen. Christine Rolfes, by clicking here.

Latest News:

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