Expanding Job Opportunities & Upcoming Town Hall

It’s cutoff week in the Washington House of Representatives, which means that any bill that hasn’t passed out of the chamber where it started will die if it’s not voted out by today.  The good news is that the House passed a major jobs bill of mine (by a huge bipartisan margin) to help more students prepare for high-paying jobs in the technology industry.  This bill attracted widespread support from business, educators, and nonprofits: a headline in the Puget Sound Business Journal said: “Hey state reps: Every tech company in Washington wants you to pass this bill.” The bill will expand computer science education in Washington, with the goal of giving every student an opportunity to learn computer science.

In other news, if you’re in Kitsap County this weekend, please stop by our Town Hall meetings!

 Town Hall Postcard

Thanks for reading this, and please stop by and visit if you’re ever in Olympia!

– Drew