OLYMPIARep. Gerry Pollet (D-Seattle) and Rep. Javier Valdez (D-Seattle) laud the much-delayed passage of the capital budget today in Olympia.

“Our children’s education and health along with the environment in the 46th District will benefit for many years to come from our finally being able to pass a state capital budget today ,” said Rep. Pollet.

Earlier this evening, the House of Representatives passed the $4.18 billion-investment capital budget on a 95-1 vote.

“I’m glad we have come together to create jobs, get projects started, and make our district an even more prosperous place to live,” said Rep. Valdez.

The 46th District Delegation, which includes Senator Frockt who now chairs the capital budget process for the Senate, has worked for the past two years to ensure that the capital budget would include a major investment in school funding to reduce overcrowded schools in the 46th and throughout Seattle.

The capital budget pays for buying, constructing and repairing infrastructure projects including schools, parks, community centers, clean air and water systems, corrections facilities, hospitals, clinics, housing and higher education facilities, among others.

Construction projects in the 46th Legislative District include:

Department of Commerce
2017-19 Building Communities Fund Grant – Mercy House Magnuson Historic Building 9  $1,000,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – Kenmore Boathouse  $250,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – SR 104 Fish Barrier Removal  $1,200,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – Magnuson Community Center Renovation  $2,000,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – Moorlands Community Center Renovation  $250,000
2018 Local and Community Projects – University YMCA  $600,000
Public Works Assistance Account Construction Loans   $1,500,000

State Parks and Recreation Commission
St. Edward State Park Environmental Learning Center  $75,000

Recreation and Conservation Funding Board
2017-19 WWRP Grants – St Edward Ball Fields  $500,000

State Conservation Commission
Improve Shellfish Growing Areas 2017-19  $4,000,000
Match for Federal RCPP Program 2017-19  $2,000,000
Natural Resource Investment for the Economy & Environment 2017-19  $5,000,000

Community & Technical College System
Repairs, Maintenance, and Minor Works at Seattle Colleges  $1,774,000

Total 46th Legislative District

Washington State House Democrats

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