THURSDAY: Media availability on eviction reform, affordable housing & homelessness legislative package

We are proud to have the support of executives and senior leaders of some of Washington’s leading businesses including Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Alaska Airlines. They recognize just how important it is to improve housing affordability, reduce homelessness, and fix Washington’s broken eviction system.

Read their letter supporting HB 1453/SB 5600 (eviction reform) here.

WHO: Rep. Nicole Macri, Washingtonians harmed by broken eviction system, local government elected officials seeking affordable housing solutions for their communities, House and Senate Democrats.

WHAT: Media availability highlighting Build More, Build Better, Build Up & Build Stability package of legislation. Package is aimed at supporting renters, addressing homelessness, housing affordability, housing stock in Washington state.

WHEN: Thursday, February 7, 12:30-1pm

WHERE: House Hearing Room B, John L. O’Brien Building


  • Build More—we need affordable housing in ALL parts of the state. A LOT more. One of the ways we can build more is by making additional investments in programs we know work well, like the Housing Trust Fund, sales tax credits, and public works loans.
  • Build Better—There’s too much red tape that gets in the way of addressing community needs quickly and efficiently. There’s still work lawmakers can do to streamline environmental permitting, make better use of available public land, and expedite lending procedures.
  • Build Up—we need more density around transit centers. Affordable housing and public transit go hand-in-hand.
  • Build Stability—Our communities are unstable because our broken eviction system imposes life-shattering consequences in a very short amount of time.