Macri bill will reintroduce familiar, modest middle-income housing options statewide

OLYMPIA—Representative Nicole Macri (D-Seattle) on Tuesday introduced new legislation that will re-legalize familiar forms of housing like duplexes, triplexes, and townhomes in single-detached neighborhoods statewide. It will expand modest home choices for renters, first time homebuyers and people looking to downsize.

Modest housing options have been increasingly out of reach to middle-class families for whom the private housing market has long ignored in favor of ever greater profits from expensive luxury developments.

“Exclusionary zoning is hurting families and communities in every corner of our state. We simply don’t have enough housing options to keep up with demand. I hear from people all the time who feel that the status quo of development caters only to newcomers at the expense of longtime residents. People are experiencing more competition, wait lists, and bidding wars for unaffordable homes, or having to move further and further from work to find a place they can afford,” said Macri.


“This legislation will help make sure more options are available for homes of all shapes and sizes for all our neighbors. It will allow people to live closer to jobs and transit, reducing carbon emissions from driving. The legislation is low-impact on neighborhoods while protecting mixed-income neighborhoods.” she continued.

The legislation is modeled after last year’s successful efforts in Oregon.