Newsletter: Bills, Video Update, Reproductive Rights & a New Tax Credit!

Dear friends and neighbors,

It’s truly incredible how fast time flies and how quickly things get done during session. As we reach the end of the third week, let’s start with a brief report on the status of my bills that have been passed out of the committees where they were heard and continue to move through the process.

Bills voted out of committees

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Expanding Access to Drug Testing Equipment

I introduced HB 1006 in response to the increasing rate in substance use and overdoses, much of which could have been prevented with information. That’s what is at the core of this measure. Studies in other states found that when people learn how dangerous a substance is, they may engage in harm-reduction practices. My bill will allow the purchase of life-saving tests so people can be informed of the harm in a substance before they use it.

Victim-Centered, Trauma-Informed Responses for Crime Victims

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HB 1028, aimed at supporting crime victims and witnesses by promoting victim-centered, trauma-informed responses in the legal system, is a comprehensive piece of legislation that will:

  • Outline specific timelines for investigating both backlogged and current sexual assault kits to prevent more backlog.
  • Provide avenues for victims to receive reimbursements for any costs from out of state hospitals or other facilities.
  • Increase the statute of limitations for suspect identification from DNA from two to four years.
  • Prioritize training for law enforcement around gender-based violence, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Click here for a January 16 KATU story on my bill.

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Disclosure of Intimate Images

Have you heard the term “revenge porn”? It’s a nasty name for a horrible practice: the unauthorized disclosure of intimate images. Victims of this crime suffer consequences beyond the emotional pain of lost trust, they often lose their jobs, are expelled from school, and in some cases, are forced to move and even change their names.

My legislation, HB 1165, will replace civil statute for victims to seek financial and non-financial damages from the threat of, or disclosure of intimate images; and will impose a four-year statute of limitations from the time of the disclosure or threat of disclosure for victims to seek civil remedies.

Hearing Instruments Coverage

It came as a shock to me when I learned that hearing devices are not covered by health insurance. They are expensive and, as you will hear little Hugo and his friend Gus testify in committee last week, they are not optional.

Click here or on the image below to watch them share how their lives have improved thanks to having hearing aids.

Hugo and Gus on hearing aids

This morning The House Health Care and Wellness Committee passed my bill (HB 1222) to add hearing instrument coverage to the essential health plan benefits and provide hearing instruments, assessments, fitting, and auditory training for children and adults under group health plans.

These four bills are either on their way to other committees or waiting to be scheduled for a vote on the House Floor. The rest of my bills are still moving through the system, and I will keep you posted on their progress. But you can also check on the status of any of my bills at any time by clicking here.

Video Update 

Click here or on the image below to watch my first video update of the 2023 session where I discuss some of my bills, as well as my committee assignments. This session I will continue on the Rules Committee and I’m excited to also serve on the Capital Budget, the Health Care & Wellness, and the Regulated Substances & Gaming committees.

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Protecting Reproductive Rights in Washington

As other states ban or restrict access to abortion and gender-affirming care, we’re protecting and expanding access to reproductive freedom by keeping reproductive care available, accessible, and affordable for every resident in the state with a package of bills that will stand up against extremists and states looking to take away our rights.

Reproductive Rights

HB 1155 (My Health, My Data Act) blocks websites and apps from collecting and sharing health data. It also prohibits the sale of Washingtonian’s health data, the use of “geofences” to send unsolicited messages to persons at health facilities and requires companies that collect personal health data to create, maintain, and publish a privacy policy for consumer health data.

HB 1340 ensures that Washington’s providers cannot be disciplined in our state because they provide reproductive or gender affirming care in accordance with Washington state law, regardless of where their patients reside.

HB 1469 (Shield Law) protects patients and providers of reproductive and gender-affirming care in Washington from retribution by other states.

HB 1286 protects employers who provide support for reproductive care by allowing them to recover damages here in Washington if targeted by hostile lawsuits or judgments from other states.

HB 1263 (Keep Our Care Act) prohibits hospitals from merging if the consolidation diminishes patients’ access to services — including reproductive, end-of-life and gender-affirming care — by creating a system of public oversight that ensures people’s needs are prioritized over corporate growth.

HB 1115 prohibits co-pays and deductible requirements for anyone seeking an abortion.

A new TAX CREDIT starts in 2023! 

The Working Families Tax Credit is a new program that will provide payments of up to $1,200 to low-to-moderate income individuals and families. The amounts are based on income level and the number of qualifying children (if any).


This program will help us stimulate local economies, promote racial equity, and provide the financial stability Washington families need right now. To find more information in several available languages, visit the Working Families Credit website

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Thank you for reading this update. If you need more details on any of the bills discussed here or on any other legislative matter, please be sure to contact my office. And if you have feedback, comments or ideas, send me an email, all my information is below.


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