LEGISLATIVE NEWS: Fertility Fraud Legislation Passes House

OLYMPIA – Today, a bill aimed at protecting individuals and families harmed by fraud in assisted reproduction procedures took a critical step forward, passing the House of Representatives with bipartisan support.

House Bill 1300, introduced by Representative Tina Orwall (D-Des Moines), addresses gaps in the legal system, ensuring that physicians, who deceive and exploit patients, face consequences for their actions, with tougher penalties and safeguards against future misconduct.

The bill strengthens physician accountability by holding unprofessional conduct from doctors accountable beyond just criminal charges. The bill expands the list of unprofessional conduct under the Uniform Disciplinary Act to include any licensee that implants their reproductive material without the consent of the patient. This additional avenue gives victims another path to professional sanctions and license revocation.

Recognizing the diverse forms fraud can take and the need for ongoing vigilance, the bill also establishes a crucial work group within the Department of Health (DOH). DOH will convene a diverse work group to study and recommend policies to address various forms of assisted reproduction fraud.

“This goes beyond ensuring doctors who engage in fertility fraud can be held accountable,” shared Rep. Orwall. “It prioritizes preventative measures and ongoing adaptation to safeguard vulnerable individuals and families from the devastating consequences of assisted reproduction fraud.”

“This bill sends a clear message: fertility fraud will not be tolerated, and the ethical standards will be unwavering in this critically important field”.

SHB 1300 now heads to the Senate for further consideration. Learn more by clicking here or on the video below.