Rep. Alex Ramel was appointed to the legislature in January of 2020. In his first legislative session in 2020, Rep. Ramel introduced bills to:

 Create Washington’s scenic bikeways program, a bill that passed with broad bipartisan support.
 Enable public electric utilities to help their customers switch to clean electric appliances.
 Increase the affordability of homes built using the state’s generous multi-family tax exemption.
 Increase funding available for several school districts facing unique challenges.

Rep. Ramel is committed to ensuring that our state’s recovery from the COVID 19 crisis puts people first. That means protecting public health and essential workers is our top priority. It means preventing people from losing their homes. It means supporting small businesses when the economy begins to reopen. It means standing up for the most vulnerable members of our society and preserving the safety net in the years to come. And it means investing in infrastructure that builds the future we want and creates good jobs now, like broadband, housing and clean energy.

Rep. Ramel, a single parent to his son, Alden, was called to public service to help address the climate and housing crises facing current and future generations. He has served as President of the Kulshan Community Land Trust which helps build and preserve affordable housing and he led development of the Community Energy Challenge which brings businesses, utilities, non-profits, and government together to help conserve energy, reduce costs, and create good paying jobs.

Raised near Denver, Colorado, Rep. Ramel has called Bellingham home for the last 20 years. He is a graduate of Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment with a B.A. in Environmental Policy and Planning.