Climate Change, Affordable Housing, School Funding, and Tardigrades

In the first two weeks of session I have introduced and am the prime sponsor of six bills. These issues are ones I care deeply about and am excited to hit the ground running with this year. 

Rep. Alex Ramel dropping a bill draft into the Hopper

  • HB 2586 – Because of clean energy legislation passed last year our electric utilities are rapidly moving toward cleaner electricity. This bill will allow publicly owned utilities to bring that cleaner power to their customers by offering rebates to switch from gas, propane, wood or heating fuel for things like space heating and hot water.  
  • HB 2746 — This would expand and extend local governments’ ability to create affordable housing through the multi-family tax credit. I introduced this bill to increase accountability and affordability for a program that’s already creating thousands of affordable units in Washington.  
  • HB 2587 – This legislation creates a Washington Scenic Bikeways program to encourage bicycle tourism across the state. 
  • HB  2747 — This ‘little’ bill would designate the resilient tardigrade as the official state micro-animal. This bill was drafted and championed by students at San Juan High School. 
  • HB 2748 – This legislation is modeled after successful programs in California, it would reduce traffic and encourage alternative transportation by allowing employees to cash out the value of employer offered parking spaces. 
  • HB 2823 – This bill would address part of the budget shortfall in-advertently created for Anacortes and several San Juan County School districts in the school funding reform legislation that passed last year. This is a stopgap measure and I’m working closely with leadership in the House and with the 40th district delegation to find a workable approach to help these students this year.